Access Object

The kinematics and management of Mainframe screens is encapsulated in an AccessObject that can be used by a JSP or in Java.

It is possible to develop an application interfacing with the Mainframe by calling Access Objects developed under Enterprise Studio.

The main steps to be implemented:

  • Retrieving the ConnectorContext
  • Connection recovery
  • Access Objects execution
  • Analysis of the Access Object response
  • Freeing up ressources

The SCORT Connectors framework associates a ConnectorContext with the resource user thread.

Role of the ConnectorContext :

  • Access to infrastructure services.
  • Contains an instance of the LogonInfoItems (logon process).

The first step for using Access Objects is to retrieve the ConnectorContext associated with the thread.

The ConnectionManager managing connection pools is enabled by default in the connector infrastructure.

To request a connection to the infrastructure, we use an object of type TerminalConnectionSpec which characterizes a connection of screen type.

An object of type ConnectionHelper is used to retrieve an instance of a TerminalConnectionSpec object by calling its method getConnectionFactory() .