Enrich your mainframe applications
with Mainframe Integrator Suite’s APIs

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Bullet point WHY ?

Web Services are everywhere, especially with the Open Data trend: geo-tracking, pricing, bookings, ….

Applications can easily retrieve data from other applications by calling Application Programming Interfaces (API) and Web Services. APIs contain all the protocols and specifications that developers need to integrate external services. Whether applications are on the same server (API) or communicate through the web (Web Services), no need to spend time reprogramming what is already existing!

Bullet point WHAT ?

Mainframe Integrator Suite’s APIs make 3270 (z/OS) and 5250 (AS400/IBM i) application screens available to end-user interfaces.

The emulation consists of a list of getter/setter towards the fields of a 3270 or 5250 screen along with an API managing the keyboard. MXi APIs offer a set of Web Services to access the various functions of an IBM i AS400 server.

Bullet point HOW ?

Mainframe Integrator Suite includes a set of APIs built as per OpenAPI (Swagger) specifications and REST standards for a perfect web interoperability.

APIs can be used by any device able to deal with HTTP/HTTPS protocol and JSON format.
Mainframe Integrator Suite’s APIs are also distributed as NuGet packages for integration with UiPath, the RPA leader.


Smart Publishing as a Service: Green screen revamping and modernization

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Access Object eXecution as a Service: Screen workflow modernization

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Basic Mapping Support (BMS) as a Service: execute BMS files containing IBM CICS screens’ definition

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MXi APIs offer a set of Web Services to access the various functions of an IBM i AS400 server

Tableau Rest API
RPA blanc

RPA integration, an UiPath exemple: automating your testing process!

SMPaaS, AOXaaS, BMSaaS and MXi APIs are developed to meet the .Net framework for a perfect integration into the leading UiPath automation platform from a Windows workstation. Integration is also possible with many other RPA solutions.

Within UiPath Studio/Packet Management/Parameters, add the NuGet source package 
https://api.nuget.org/v3/index.json to get the required Metrixware MaaS Activities packages:


  • Metrixware.MI.MaaS.Model
  • Metrixware.MI.MaaS.BMSaaS.Activities
  • Metrixware.MI.MaaS.SMPaaS.Activities
  • Metrixware.MI.MaaS.AOXaaS.Activities
  • Metrixware.MI.MaaS.Mx400.Model
  • Metrixware.MI.MaaS.Mx400.Activities

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