Francis Andre


MX400 - Based on Mainframe Integrator SCORT (MIS) and Delphi/400 success stories ! Mx400 is a native solution that provides access to your business data. Organized around a middleware, various .Net, Java, Python, Ruby, PhP and Node.js wrappers allow your developers to create modern and personalized applications. The Mx400 support opens up a wide range of possibilities for modernizing your [...]
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Other Tools

Virtual Server Mainframe simulator providing flows compatible with the different protocols supported by SCORT products (in phase with the demonstration WebApps). TrafficPlayer allows under Enterprise Studio to record and replay Telnet streams (TN3270, TN5250, …). AO Player tool for constructing screen-mode workflows from Enterprise Studio screen captures. Allows you to replay scenarios and perform benchmarks. Publishing Accelerator Eclipse plugin that [...]
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Enterprise Studio

About ES 🙟 Enterprise Studio is a graphic design IDE for components that communicate with applications installed on a Mainframe (IBM z/OS, AS400, Bull GCOS, etc.) 🙟 Enterprise Studio allows you to produce components such as screens, Access Objects in Java, data components representing Cobol copy book or flow services to base an SOA on a screen application 🙟 These [...]
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