Mainframe Integrator

About MI:

  • Mainframe Integrator (MIS Suite) allows you to publish existing applications of an Information System in Intranet / Extranet / Internet architectures.
  • Mainframe Integrator (MI 4.3) is composed of :
    • An WildFly-11.0-final J2EE application server
    • A set of connectors allowing access to the Mainframe
    • A set of features: Smart Publishing, Fastrack, DataMapper
    • A set of WebApp demonstrating these different MI functionalities
    • A « VSDemo » application that simulates a Mainframe
    • A PDF and Html documentation set

Fundamental principles:

  • No rewriting of the “legacy” for technical reasons:
    • MI works regardless of the languages used to develop applications (Cobol, Pacbase, RPG, etc.)
  • No intrusive software to install on the Mainframe:
    • Access to IBM z/OS screen modes (and also CTG, IMS Connect), iSeries et Bull GCOS7/GCOS8,
  • An industrial process of development, testing and maintenance
    • Screen capture, BMS imports, use of Cobol copybooks,
  • A Full integration with J2EE platforms:
    • Deployment on any type of J2EE environment (Tomcat, Geronimo, Jboss, WebLogic, WebSphere, …)


Mainframe Integrator Suite supports multi-application access originating from multiple Information Systems.


Screen Mode

Provides access to screen-type applications:

  • TN3270 (TN3287), TN5250, TN7107, VTxxx

Connection is made using the same resources as an emulator.

Access to the Mainframe is achieved through connectors based on the SCORT Connector Framework infrastructure (SCF 🡪 SCORT Connector Framework)

Developments can be carried out with the SCORT Enterprise Studio Screen Editor.

What can be done :

  • Keep the same cinematic / presentation as the Mainframe application (publication with Smart Publishing),
  • Modify / adapt the presentation of the Mainframe application(publication with the Smart Publishing Advanced),
  • Build an application which completely hides the Mainframe application from the user with the AccessObject)

The three approaches are possible in the same application.

  1. Navigation in the application
  2. Sends data to the Mainframe: Native mode
  3. Sends data to the Mainframe: Smart mode or Access Object
  4. Managing mode exchanges: Smart with the Mainframe
  5. Managing mode exchanges: Access Object avec le Mainframe
  6. Connection management
  7. Exchange of information with the Mainframe
  8. Access to specific application properties (JSP, CSS, JS, …)
  9. Access to specific application datas (optional).