MX400 – Based on Mainframe Integrator SCORT (MIS) and Delphi/400 success stories !

Mx400 is a native solution that provides access to your business data. Organized around a middleware, various .Net, Java, Python, Ruby, PhP and Node.js wrappers allow your developers to create modern and personalized applications.

The Mx400 support opens up a wide range of possibilities for modernizing your applications. Access to recent development technologies becomes readily easy.

MX400 allows you to open the full functionality of the AS400 to different types of languages and platforms. Use your favorite development environment like: Visual Studio, VSCode and many more


  • MxCall: run IBM i programs remotely with data input / output
  • MxCommand, run IBM i commands remotely
  • MxDataqueue, exchange and control your data queues
  • MxSql: access your data natively: select, insert, update, delete, with DBCS, BLOB and native types support
  • MxFile, access the data of your files
  • MxSpool, control the print spool


“Serving millions of customers every day is a critical task and requires new tools that are reliable and efficient. This solution allows you to integrate your IBM i systems with new programming languages, develop your skills as well as interact with your DB2 databases to manage your data dynamically in real time.”


  • Support for different languages
  • Wider opening towards modern technologies
  • Simple installation
  • Native access to your data
  • Web services support available through Mainframe Integrator
  • Integrated into the Mainframe Integrator Mx400 product is also a Full REST support


  • DotNet Framework > 4.6 
  • Java > 1.7
  • Python > 3.6
  • Ruby > 3
  • PhP 7.4
  • Node.js 10
  • Compatible OS : Windows, Linux

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