Software Development Environment for Java developers

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Bullet point WHY ?

Integrated Development Environments (IDE) are softwares that gather useful tools to program business applications.

Thanks to predefined settings based on best practices, they offer standard processes and productivity features to greatly support code writing. Developers save time on basic configuration and can focus on higher level code programming.  

Bullet point WHAT ?

Enterprise Studio is the IDE delivered with the Mainframe Integrator Suite

Designed as a Graphic User Interface (GUI), Enterprise Studio provides Java and mainframe developers a user-friendly and intuitive interface to automatically generate Java components that will communicate with mainframe applications.

Bullet point HOW ?

Enterprise Studio offers a smart framework for processing the Mainframe Integrator Suite’s main features:


Enterprise Studio main features
Terminal Editor Capture and edit screens and transactions, testing before deployment
Terminal Emulator Mainframe navigation TN3270, TN5250
Virtual Server Mainframe simulator providing flows compatible with the various protocols supported by Mainframe Integrator Suite products (in phase with the WebApps demonstration)   
Smart Publishing Green screen modernization
Publishing Accelerator Eclipse plugin to graphically reshape the rendering of the mainframe screen, relying on the Smart Publishing module. Advanced revamping thanks to smart widgets like Pyjamas
JSP Designer
Equivalent to Publishing Accelerator for Fastrack (Swing)
AccessObject in Java Workflow modernization
Traffic Player To record and replay Telnet streams TN3270, TN5250
AO Player Build screen-mode workflows from Enterprise Studio screenshots . Allows you to replay Access Objects scenarios and perform benchmarks.
Call Out Call of external Web Services from mainframe applications by generating COBOL and RPG copybooks
Data Mapper Direct access to legacy business logic and SOA to develop Java applications