Makes it easy to integrate your IBM i (Power, iSeries, AS/400), IBM z and Unix legacy applications with modern technologies and devices : Smartphones and Tablets, Responsive HTML5, RESTFul API, Voice Assistants (Alexa, Google Assistant, IBM Watson Assistant)

Mainframe Integrator Suite Revamping - Servamping & Soa

A powerful revamping & servamping
solution which has been in use for more than 20 years by more than
25 top 250 companies in banking, insurance and industrial
sectors. Organized around two major components (IDE, Runtime), it
enables end-to-end management of modernized applications

Customer Benefits

Modernization of applications without changing the source code

No components to install on the mainframe

Automatic generation of documentation with screenshots

A transformation of applications in a few hours

Key Features

  • Automatic revamping 1 for 1

  • Specific revamping with reorganization and/or
    aggregation of screens

  • Business transaction automation and J2EE

  • Access to the service layer generated by
    IMS/CICS/Windows in native SOA

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Native single browser multi-session management

  • Consumption of WebServices from the
    mainframe (Cobol client with an automatic
    mapping of Cobol record from/to java)

  • Easy Integration with BPM, CRM, ESB, RPA (UiPath)

  • A fully customizable graphic development environment

  • Encrypted input and output flows (SSL)

  • Support of Asian languages (Thai, Korean,
    Chinese, Japanese) through DBCS on


  • Supported mainframe : z/OS, IBM i,
    Bull GCOS

  • Connectors : 3270, 5250, VT100,
    Bull DKU & VIP, Unisys UTS 20, JCA
    1.5 (IMS / CICS)

  • Services generated in J2EE, JSP &RESTFul API (JSON)

  • Runtime platform : any WebServer or J2EE server

Main Customer References

 » Serving more than 32 million customers every day is a critical task and requires equipping our agents with reliable, robust and high-performance tools. Mainframe Integrator Scort is a particularly wise choice for us, as this solution allows us to deploy new technologies while capitalizing on more than 10 years of investment in our mainframe. « 

–Deputy CIO, World Leader in the
Energy Sector