Modernization of IBM i
legacy applications

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Bullet point WHY ?

Developing applications that need to connect with legacy IBM i systems is often seen as tricky as standards and languages have dramatically changed over time.

Wrappers offer a smart connectivity solution by converting data into formats compatible with both past and modern codes. Easier programming means better adoption for developers and shorter time-to market for modernization projects!

Bullet point WHAT ?

MXi offers a set of high level wrappers that connect IBM i legacy apps with software development

using modern languages (.Net, Java, Python, Ruby, PhP, Node.js) and with latest technologies (open source, cloud, mobiles, IA, RPA). Designed as a simple and competitive solution for incremental modernization, MXi provides native access to business data stored in IBM i systems, without prior knowledge of the legacy environment.

Bullet point HOW ?

The Mainframe Integrator Suite’s MXi module offers a middleware and a set of high-level wrappers that provide direct access to various functions of an AS400 / IBM i server through a native connection or through REST APIs :

 ?executing commands and programs
 ?managing the print spooler
 ?managing files
 ?managing the DataQueue
 ?accessing data

The technical design eliminates the need for a restrictive installation. The direct and native wrapping structure of the CO400 library allows the library to be interfaced quickly with various modern coding languages.

From a Linux or a Windows workstation, developers can enrich existing apps or create new web apps by using their favorite programming language’s wrapper:

 ?Delphi (see our Delphi/400 connector)

as well as Web Services/REST APIs  available with the Mainframe Integrator Suite.

MXi languages