Simply connect your IBM i systems
with the latest technologies!

Bullet point WHY ?

IBM Power servers and their IBM i operating systems offer great performance and reliability to support your growth.

Keeping up with IT trends towards hybrid platforms and user demands for more efficiency means developing increasingly complex business applications.

Bullet point WHAT ?

Mainframe Integrator Suite for IBM i is a powerful middleware solution to modernize your legacy applications developed on IBM i systems.

You can now develop new business apps using the latest programming languages (.Net, Java, Python, Ruby, PhP, Node.js) to process COBOL and RPG operations.


Bullet point HOW ?

Mainframe Integrator Suite for IBM i includes:

 ?WildFly-11.0-final J2EE application server
 ?Connectors allowing access to the mainframe
 ?« VSDemo » application to simulate a mainframe
 ?PDF and HTML documentation set

MIS4.5 architecture
Technical modules
Enterprise Studio
Graphic design IDE for Java developers
Smart Publishing & Smart Publishing Advanced
Green screen modernization and revamping for web browser
Access Object
Workflow modernization
Recording and replay of Telnet streams (TN5250) under Enterprise Studio
Call of external Web Services from COBOL and RPG legacy languages
Direct access to legacy business logic to develop Java applications. Available for IBM i systems through CICS connector



REST APIs / Web Services
Web services SMPaaS
Smart Publishing as a Service: Green screen revamping and modernization
Web services AOXaaS
Access Object eXecution as a Service: Screen workflow modernization
Web services BMSaaS
Basic Mapping Support (BMS) as a Service: execute BMS files containing IBM CICS screens’ definition. Available for IBM i systems through CICS connector
Web services MXi
MXi APIs offer a set of Web Services to access the various functions of an IBM i AS400 server