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Access Object demo
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Bullet point WHY ?

Legacy mainframe applications usually contain many successive menu screens where users only have to press a key to access yet another menu screen

and so on before eventually entering the very screen where the actual data entry is required.
Definitely against UX design basics that rather urge efficient and user-friendly processes.
Skipping low added-value screens and keystrokes and avoiding typing mistakes is definitely a time saver!

Bullet point WHAT ?

AccessObjects automate defined data entries,

thus hiding the simple entry screens from the end-user. With AccessObjects, you simplify navigation by programming direct access to the screens where valuable data input is needed.

Bullet point HOW ?

Access Objects are developed under Enterprise Studio and modify an application screen display when combined with Smart Publishing modules.

AccessObjects are objects of Java classes or JSP that encapsulate defined kinematics and business workflow screens from the legacy mainframe applications. When called, they automate / hide part of the Mainframe navigation.

The REST API AOXaaS to create the relevant web services is available in the Mainframe Integrator Suite.