Smart Publishing

Smart Publishing screen samples

Mainframe screens are revamped from the same JSP template (1 for n mode).

The functionality of Smart Publishing offers a set of Servlets, JSP, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax delivered with Mainframe Integrator.

This module offers several features :

  • Display a screen in automatique mode (appearance identical to that of the Mainframe screen),
  • Perform a specific display for a particular screen,
  • Hide part of the navigation from the user using an AccessObject.

The application relies on the kinematics of the Mainframe.

Configurable module (web.xml, Smart configuration files, adaptation of JSPs, etc.)

A set of rules can be applied in automatic mode to improve screen rendering.

One can then enrich the application by triggering specificactions:

  • Forward of a specific revamping JSP,
  • Forward on a specific Servlet,
  • Execution of an Access Object,

These actions will be triggered upon receipt of certain predetermined screens (anchors).